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News from AMRA SPA Chauvin Arnoux

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27 March 2018

The Chauvin Arnoux Group is celebrating its 125th anniversary

An anniversary based around the themes of innovation, digital applications and international business. 125 years of innovation, from the first Universal Tester, ancestor of the multimeter, in 1927, to the very latest Scopix IV oscilloscopes...
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22 November 2017

The new SCOPIX IV oscilloscope is here!

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20 November 2017

Chauvin Arnoux has purchased a majority holding in INDATECH

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28 May 2016

Instruments 140% amortization

The companies and the self-emplyed people that buy or had buyed (in the period included betweend the 15-10-2015 and the 31-12-2016) "Capital goods" can benefit of interesting fiscal subsidies. The subsidies consist of an increase of 40%...
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27 May 2016

IR Camera 250°C

For your professional thermal analysis. The new C.A 1950 IR Camera model is ergonomic and simple to use.
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26 May 2016

Power and Energy Logger

Instrument suitable for Energy Audit and Power Factor Correction. Measurements recordings configurable in real-time from a remote PC. Android App and Bluetooth, Ethernet communication