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AMRA SpA was founded in 1975 with the ambitious objective to represent on the market a leader company in the manufacturing and commercialisation of the electromechanical relays.

Starting from the OK relay series, the historical model for the company, AMRA SpA ideated and realized in these latest years, a lot of new models (all-or-nothing, measuring, instantaneous monostable, bistable, time delay monostable, bistable, on pick-up, on drop-out, forcibly guided contacts, etc.); expanding steadily and rationally a range of products that today is able to meet differents needs.

Grazie anche alla fiducia di importanti società quali Enel, Aziende Municipalizzate (energetiche e tramviarie), FS, Montedison, Gruppo Eni, Gruppo Ansaldo, Gruppo ABB, Schneider, Alstom, Siemens, i relè AMRA hanno trovato e trovano impiego nei settori cardine (Energia, Trasporti, Telecomunicazioni) dell'economia di numerosi paesi.

On 1999 another important step: the melting operation with the MTI. The result of this operation is a further reinforcement for the AMRA's company and for its development.

Actually the AMRA relays lines are 3:

- AMRA line (including other important models approved by ENEL and FS)

- MTI line

- Coaxial relays line (inherited from MTI that releaved M/A-COM activity on 1997)

guaurantee to the company an high level image in the electromechanical and electronic international market.


Since 1984 AMRA also commercialise professional measurement instruments for the  Chauvin Arnoux Group.