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About Us

Chauvin Arnoux Group

Specialist for the electrical and thermal measurement’s instrumentation,  control and automation, for professionals, Chauvin Arnoux meets your needs in these areas.

AMRA S.p.A. is the italian subsidiary of the Chauvin Arnoux Group known for its expertise internationally.

Chauvin Arnoux Group operates in the industrial, commercial and public sectors and is at your disposal to define with you the products meeting your needs, like:

  • Measurement and diagnostic tools with portable products
  • Fixed measurements and instrumentation dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of your plant or relaying solutions with Enerdis products
  • Measurements and temperature regulation with products Pyrocontrole
  • Electromechanical relays and components for automation in Energy, Railway, Naval and Petrolchimical sectors (AMRA S.p.A.)

 The AMRA S.p.A. is sited in Macherio (MB) near to Milan.

Its structure consist of:

  • technical and R&D department (relays)
  • commercial department (relays and instruments)
  • production department (relays)
  • marketing and communication department (relays and instruments)
  • after sale service (relays and instruments)



AMRA S.p.A. is the subsidiary of Chauvin Arnoux Group in Italy and represents the competency centre dedicated to design and manufacturing of electromechanical relays.

The subsidiary can respond to the most specific and demanding requirements of the railway and energy industry.

The company organization consists of a manufacturing unit developped on 2 floors for a total of about 2,500 square meters.

In this subsidiary work 47 people, among them 28 are employed for relays manufacturing activities (POK, OK, RCME, RDME, RCME, RGME Series ecc.)

Relay Production - AMRA Line

Relay Production - MTI Line


The technical, quality and R&D staff consist of 4 people that guarantee the development of new models of relays, the technical support to the commercial and after-sale departments.

At the same time they ensure the necessary qualitative control of the parts composing the relays coming from third parties and of the final products that AMRA SpA sells to customers.

All of these procedures are compliant to the requirements of the standard for quality management system UNI EN ISO 9001 since 1994.

Laboratory and Quality Control

More about AMRA SpA



In order to guarantee punctuals deliveries to meet the requirements of the market and of the customers, the company has an important warehouseboth in quantity and value.

3 people are everyday employed to assure the best incoming, outcoming and stocking organization of the goods.

9 people of the commercial department execute the activities of sells and offer efficient support to customers on the italian market and not also (realys) for all the products range.

Finally, 3 peolple of the amministrative department complete the company organization and are employed for the account managing of customers/suppliers.

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The Chauvin Arnoux Group is also present in its own name in 10 other countries (list of countries) and represented in many countries by a network of partners.

Designed in our laboratories, the products are manufactured in our factories.

France with the historic plant located PARIS, has 4 production sites: 3 in Normandy  Villedie-les Poëles, Vire and Pont l'Eveque and 1 in Meyzieu Lyon region (active links to the corresponding group website page).

Three  other sites are located outside France, 1 in the USA in Dover NH, 1 in Italy at Macherio near Milan, 1 in China in SHANGHAI.